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View Dr. Schaeffer`s library of podcasts, videos and lastest news highlighting the breakthroughs in care and research.


Selected Podacst featuring Dr Schaeffer

EP.39_-_Ted_Schaeffer_wChapters_FINALPETER ATTIA MD
00:00 / 23:34
Non-Metastatic CRPC, Talking to Your Doctor about Treatment with Dr. Edward M. SchaefferUrology Care Podcast
00:00 / 25:50
00:00 / 25:50
PSMA-Targeted PET Imaging for Prostate CancerBetter Edge : A Northwestern Medicine podcast for physicians
00:00 / 10:15
Prostate Biopsy Techniques: Ways to Optimize Cancer Detection and Ensure Patient SafetyBetter Edge : A Northwestern Medicine podcast for physicians
00:00 / 10:15
Prostate Cancer Disparity ResearchBetter Edge : A Northwestern Medicine podcast for physicians
00:00 / 13:40
Episode 30: The Man Who Saved John’s LifeIntelligence For Your Life The Podcast
00:00 / 01:04


Selected Videos featuring Dr Schaeffer

Northwestern Medicine Urology YouTube Channel

Explore the NM Urology YouTube channel, your go-to destination for a wealth of educational content in the field of urology. Our channel is brimming with informative CME (Continuing Medical Education) videos that cater to healthcare professionals seeking to stay updated on the latest advancements and breakthroughs. Dive into a library of surgical videos, meticulously curated to provide insights into various urological procedures, techniques, and best practices. Whether you're a medical practitioner, a student, or simply curious about urology, the NM  Urology YouTube channel offers an invaluable resource to expand your knowledge and understanding of this vital medical specialty. Subscribe today to access a world of urological expertise at your fingertips.

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